Neck Lift

This procedure is designed to improve the appearance of the neck and jawline.  Drooping of the skin around the neck occurs as the skin loses its elasticity with age, the muscles of the neck lose strength or there may be gain or loss of fat underneath the skin.  The result is a loss of the sharp angle between the neck and the jaw, skin rolls or a "turkey-gobbler" of redundant skin in the midline.  There are a number a different operations that can address these issues depending on the extent.

For relatively small deposits of fat it is possible to remove these using liposuction and leave virtually invisible scars.

For moderate bulging of neck fat and blunting of the neck-jaw angle this is best addressed via an incision hidden under the chin that allows fat to be removed and the muscles (platysma) to be tightened.

For more severe bulging of the neck or if there is excessive skin, scars are placed around the ears to allow the neck contour to be tightened and the excess skin to be redraped and excised.